A common problem and the solution of public seating

by:OUHE     2020-05-28
Common public seats: airport chair, station waiting chair, hospital waiting chair, bank waiting chair, park, seating, etc. 1. Occupies large area, and installation, transportation difficulties; Answer: is the cause of most of public seating location: airport, station, bank, hospital waiting position, the space is very big, after the seat position is designed, and the demand of the field, won't appear block channel, and so on and so forth, according to the current logistics status, compared to the early is very convenient. And when installation is very simple, according to the installation drawing. 2. Not beautiful, with the surrounding environment uncoordinated; Answer: generally won't appear this kind of situation, because every project, engineering, have been multiple audit, bidding, urban planning and design to choose products. 3. Strip the seat between two strangers sit too close to each other a little embarrassed, sit chair face too far and waste; Answer: the demand of the general public seats are more than three people came. Rarely used more than six people a bench seat, and is in the public places, people are busy, there will be no awkward situation. 4. Public space leisure chairs are exposed to the outside, do not have dust, sunscreen and rainproof function; A: public seating is difficult to do in the park is prevented bask in, rainproof, dustproof, as long as do anti-corrosion, the blowout, long service life is already very good. 5. And in many public leisure chair design today are all more or less is not in conformity with the ergonomics; A: this situation will only appear in the technology does not pass the small factories, for example: foshan Macao ShuJian furniture manufacturing co. , LTD. Such a large factory production of public seating is completed in accordance with ergonomics. And selection of material is high quality! 6. Unable to better meet the needs of the public seat design: a: public seating is public places, stream, such as the station traffic peak time, tens of thousands of people a day, or even hundreds of thousands of people. So the design of the public seats can only meet the needs of most people, could not meet the needs of each and every one. 7. Public seats durability is not strong: a: durability strong not just manufacturers use inferior materials, powerful manufacturer will choose high quality materials, and processed in a different way will affect the durability.
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