A: how many row chair can do?

by:OUHE     2020-06-25
First general stainless steel airport chair rail can choose 2 mm thick steel tube, antirust processing, electrostatic spraying. So the airport chair can do stainless steel five united. If more than six terrace, beam is longer, tolerance is not so good, time is long, there will be a downward bending hidden trouble in the middle. Following a brief introduction of the size of the airport chair: ( For reference only) One seat: 680 mm ( Wide) *770mm( High) *650mm( Long) Two seats: 1230 mm ( Long) *770mm( High) Three seats: 1800 mm ( Long) *770mm( High) Four seats: 2360 mm ( Long) *770mm( High) Five seats: 2980 mm ( Long) *770mm( High)
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