About titanium plating chromium, plating, coating the introduction of the airport chair

by:OUHE     2020-05-28
Airport chairs, waiting chairs are generally used aluminium alloy, stainless steel and other manufacturing, so you may want to after chrome plating, titanium coating, coating process, such as: common the technological process of the airport chair manufacturer: chair: antirust processing & rarr; Electronic polishing & rarr; Pensu ( Have a silver grey, blue, black, green, red jujube choice) ; Armrest and foot: process: die casting & rarr; Deep drawing steel sheet & rarr; High strength welding & rarr; Fine polishing & rarr; Electroplating; Article: process: instrument Angle adjustment & rarr; Stretch bending & rarr; Fine polishing & rarr; Electroplating; Beam: technological process: steel pipe cutting & rarr; Perforated & rarr; Antirust processing & rarr; Polishing & rarr; Pensu ( Black) ; A, chromium plating: plating chromium airport chair not in wet place, otherwise easy to rust, and may lead to coating fall off. If the chrome plated airport chair rust case processing method: 1. Chrome plated film such as a brown spot, with a neutral oil often wipe, can prevent the extension to expand. 2. Existing rust, usable cotton silk, wool brush dips in besmear in rust is in the oil, reciprocating wipe again after a short, until rust removal, absolutely not with sandpaper. 3. At ordinary times unused chrome plating can be on the chromium plating layer coating a layer of rust inhibitor, in a dry place. 2, titanium plating: real high-quality titanium plating is not rust, but still had better less contact with water, often with dry cotton silk or cloth to wipe clean, to keep them bright and beautiful. Three, coating: coating, such as a stain, can use wet cloth wipe with dry cloth to wipe dry again after, be careful not to retain moisture.
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