According to the parts to judge a good stainless steel chair

by:OUHE     2020-05-23
According to the five parts to judge a good stainless steel chair: 1. Try cushion Angle: sitting in the airport chair, legs after natural prolapse, basic show 90 degrees with the chair plate, can your feet flat on the floor or on the floor mat, knees slightly lower than the hips. Everyone is different, the height of an adjustable height and depth of the seat of the chair can let the person of different height can sit comfortably. 2. Try backrest Angle: stainless steel airport chair backrest needs to have a back function. Seats can be tilted overall ( Which can reduce the pressure on the leg) , adjustable backrest Angle, and can firmly lock, the function is very important. Back also can alleviate the pressure of the neck, can reduce the burden on the lower back slightly forward, will only make you more comfortable. 3. Try the waist retainer: a supporting function has a waist chair, can give enough retainer, waist can effectively relieve the pressure on the back. A better chair, lumbar support function can also be adjusted according to demand. 4. Try the armrest adjustment: armrest can ease the tension arm and shoulder. Adjustable armrest more help reduce stress. Set armrest as close to the height of the desktop, can maximum limit to support the weight of the arm and shoulder. 5. Try the headrest function: more sedentary time grew, need to lean back from time to time, stretching the neck. Chair headrest can get relax, let the head and neck good stainless steel airport chair should have adjust the function of the head height and radian.
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