Advantages of the auditorium chair

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
Auditorium chairs, auditorium seating material, process, advantage of simple introduction: the material of the auditorium chair: the chair seat on the back, usually choose a polyurethane high resilience forming high-quality hemp fleece or wool hemp skin overlying sponge, PU polyester fabrics such as skin, armrest, supporting feet usually adopts high quality cold-rolled steel sheet material. Auditorium chair manufacturing process: a, seat: usually choose a polyurethane high resilience molding sponge coated with high-quality hemp fleece or wool fabrics such as hemp skin and the skin of the PU polyester molding; Shell: usually choose high quality high density hardwood multilayer plywood, mold cold pressing molding or use 100% polypropylene PP material a new injection molding. Three, horse: use 1. 5 mm thick steel plate stamping forming, welding quality by the electrostatic powder coating surface treatment. Four, armrest: imported ju wood processing or PP injection molding or choose PU hand skin. Five, the side panel: the five layers of plywood covered with sponge and flax cloth with soft nap is made and be become, easy to tear open outfit. The auditorium chair advantages: advanced fabrics, fight corrupt, prevent fade, easy to clean; Metal frame structure, strong and durable; Europe and the United States and elegant solemn appearance, fashionable; Comfort design, accord with human body engineering principle structure; Feet at the bottom of the frame is equipped with a ground connection, easy to install. Conform to the requirements of the public seats ministerial industry norms, detect reached national standards.
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