Airport chair and stainless steel plating airport chair maintenance method

by:OUHE     2020-06-16
A: electroplating airport chair maintenance methods: 1. Do not place in the basement, such as outdoor air is relatively humid places. 2. Can't contact with acid, alkali, such as the corrosive gas, liquid, in order to avoid plating parts corrosion rust, paint fade electroplating parts, and so on and so forth. 3. Do not water and wet towel to clean the chair, keep the chair body dry, clean electroplated parts can use talcum powder method or newspaper to wipe clean. 2: the airport chair maintenance methods: stainless steel in the usual cleaning job had better not use chemicals or soap and water, you just need to clean water, use cloth wipe gently. The surface of the stainless steel chair, not infected with dirt easily, typically require flap with a feather duster, save time and effort and for the maintenance of the stainless steel chair, but some airport chair with cushion, Pu airport chair) , it is wear-resisting commonly XiPi, this needs with a wet cloth to wipe, uniform strength. Good maintenance method can extend the service life of the airport chair, advocating environmental protection, low carbon of healthy living.
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