Airport chair of the chair seat and back brace is standard specification?

by:OUHE     2020-06-22
Non-metallic materials (material: Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Mold design. Structure: single bar shape structure. Non-metallic materials ( Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Seat supporting frame performance parameters: tensile coefficient ( ISO527) 16000 kpa; The impact strength, ISO179) 80 ㎏/㎡。 Thermal performance parameters: melting point ( ISO11357) 260℃。 Electrical characteristics parameters: the dielectric strength ( IEC60243 - 1) 33KV/MM。 General parameters: the density ( ISO1183) 1. 5G/CM3; Flame retardant ( ISO1210) B1( HB) 。 SJ - 9061 as an example, the other different models please contact us.
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