Airport chairs, waiting chairs, public seating durability strong not strong?

by:OUHE     2020-05-23
If we are to judge the airport chair, waiting chair public seats durability is to many aspects, such as: like some 'dirty' manufacturer involved in producing some low efficiency, single function, material use undeserved, rough production, recycling processing hard seat, airport chairs, waiting chairs, etc. In the aspect of maintenance cost is higher, these reasons are caused by the use of the public seats cannot be durable. Outdoor public seats, either in design or in the process of material selection, construction, production, and natural conditions, must be considered and man-made damage, May Day and night was damaged. So choose high quality manufacturers, service first-class manufacturer is a must. For example: Macao ShuJian airport chair: SJ - 629 x handrails, foot: stainless steel. Article: aluminum alloy edge article, electrochemical treatment. Plate: adopt stainless steel plate, environmental protection, is not easy to wear, never rust. At the bottom of the beams: 2. 0 mm thick 40 * 80 mm steel pipe, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the test of the wind, rain and sunshine.
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