Airport seating the armrest of any special requirements?

by:OUHE     2020-06-27
Provide the armrest of each seat. Armrest regardless of left and right sides, the installation of the armrest should not affect the width of the seat space. In the design of the structure of the seat and seat spacing, shall meet the requirements of the interval in each seat installation armrest. Non-metallic materials (material: Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Mold design. The size of the armrest see the tender drawings. 4. Non-metallic materials ( Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Tensile coefficient (beam performance parameters: ISO527) 16000 kpa; The impact strength, ISO179) 80㎏/㎡. Thermal performance parameters: melting point ( ISO11357) 260℃。 Electrical characteristics parameters: the dielectric strength ( IEC60243 - 1) 33KV/MM。 General parameters: the density ( ISO1183) 1. 5G/CM3; Flame retardant ( ISO1210) B1( HB)
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