Airport waiting chair common eight inspection standards

by:OUHE     2020-06-19
Airport waiting chair common eight inspection standards: 1, airport waiting chair, first in terms of space collocation is also must pay attention to, not too crowded, put intensive place to need, be sure to set aside enough channel, at the same time and the venue where the reasonable space to put the layout; 2, the airport waiting chair in a public place also should pay attention to the image, so it's very important to airport waiting chair style collocation; 3, must be convenient maintenance, clean, and should be comfortable when using, it is not easy to make the person fatigue; 4, breathable fabric material, comfortable chair face of ventilation safety material is essential; Article 5, under gravity is strong, edge, high strength steel beams, can support more pressure; 6, plating effect, airport waiting chair armrest commonly adopt aluminum alloy material, stainless steel materials, large precision casting mold die-casting molding after polishing on the surface spray powder spraying, electroplating, etc. ; 7, the height of your armrest, width, depth and Angle should be reasonable, the armrest of inappropriate height can lead to shoulder fatigue quickly. In addition to the height of the armrest, armrest pad width, depth and Angle. For example: when we read files, newspapers, often on the armrest of arms slightly outward kai-cheng zhang pour eight word to read materials; 8. Manufacturers after-sales want to, do things faster.
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