Airport waiting chair of demand is how to judge?

by:OUHE     2020-06-18
For regular visitors to the airport, the airport in the airport waiting chair familiar. However, this common configuration is also an indispensable important part in the design of the airport, it will affect the comprehensive service level at the airport. Before boarding the plane, allow passengers to find a comfortable place to relax, airport needs to ensure that airport waiting chair configuration is reasonable, whether can meet the basic needs of the passengers. So, an airport need how many airport waiting chair? This is the need to consider the indicators to the airport to decisions, such as the layout of the airport waiting chair, airport construction area, etc. Airport space layout is usually determined by the airport management, its decision criteria based on the size of the commercial area, and even airline's specific needs, and the role of these factors must be able to adjust. For example, in the large traffic intensive period of travel like this, some airports will be based on the original number of airport waiting chair, dense area for passengers and add more airport waiting chair, implement dynamic allocation, to alleviate the outbound traffic peak pressure. Also has other airport come to realize that, as long as the layout is reasonable, it can provide more in commercial areas of the catering leisure waiting chair, like this will not only promote the airport retail, catering and entertainment area economic consumption, also can provide more rest space.
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