Aluminum alloy airport chair galvanized method shortcomings

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
Aluminum alloy airport chair galvanized method shortcomings electrodeposited coating on corrosion resistance of aluminum compression using salt spray test to evaluate, plating aluminum on the corrosion resistance of the received the influence of the zinc layer. Zinc immersion method has some shortcomings, will happen in the zinc corrosion medium in wet bottom erosion corrosion type. Because aluminum has a strong trend of the passivation, in many environments, zinc is relative to the aluminum anode, relative to cover metal anode, also tend to protect both aluminum and plating, zinc corrosion will be horizontal, eventually led to the surface, the corrosion amount depends on galvanic corrosion and the level difference between amount of corrosion current to flow through. Sacrifice corrosion of zinc layer, resulting in a decline in the bonding force between the coating film and magnesium substrate. Due to zinc sacrificial anode tendencies plating intact, so the best corrosion resistance in fact by zinc plating on aluminum electrode potential is negative for.
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