Aluminum alloy airport chair plating process characteristics

by:OUHE     2020-05-20
Aluminum alloy airport chair plating process characteristics: aluminum electroplating electroplating is much more difficult than other metals, the main difficulty is blistering and peeling. Main reason: 1, the aluminum and oxygen has a strong affinity, a layer of oxide film surface always exist. 2, aluminum is amphoteric metal, not suitable for direct plating electrolyte; 3, aluminum is very lively, easy happening with many metal replacement; 4, aluminum expansion coefficient is big, 5, hydrogen and oxygen occlusion are common between aluminum and coating, blister easily. Therefore, improve the aluminum coating binding force on the key point is to carefully remove the aluminum oxide film on the surface of the nature, and to prevent it to regenerate, typically on the aluminum plating layer and the combination of strong underlying or layer.
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