Aluminum alloy airport chair polishing technology

by:OUHE     2020-06-04
Aluminum alloy airport chair common polishing technology: 1. Mechanical polishing: common mechanical polishing method is mechanical polishing wheel, belt polishing, drum polishing, vibration polishing, lapping and polishing, etc. Main aluminum alloy surface oil removal, scale and burr, parts of complicated shape is difficult to polishing, mechanical polishing aluminum prone to grain boundary corrosion or stress corrosion cracking. 2. Chemical polishing, chemical polishing can be divided into acid polishing and alkaline polishing. Acid polishing liquid polishing method: with - phosphate Nitric acid, phosphoric acid - Sulphuric acid - Such as nitric acid system. The typical & other; Three acid & throughout; Polishing liquid formula and technological conditions is as follows: 70 ~ 80% nitric acid phosphate 10 10 ~ 15% ~ 15% sulfuric acid temperature 90 ~ 120 ℃ for 10 ~ 20 s. Acid is polishing: & other; Three acid & throughout; Polishing system in the polishing process to produce large amount of nitrogen oxides smoke gas that is yellow. The gas is toxic, has strong harm to human body, seriously pollute the environment at the same time. Aluminium and aluminium alloy alkaline polishing: using aluminum and aluminum alloy parts in the alkaline solution selective since the solution to the gentle polishing surface, chemical methods to improve its surface finish. The existence of high silicon aluminium alloy chemical polishing: silicon metal group woven inhomogeneity, plus the flaw in casting, make this kind of cast aluminum alloy surface treatment is difficult. 3. Electrochemical polishing: for difficult to machine, chemically polished aluminum ( Such as high silicon aluminum alloy) Or shape more complex and require high brightness aluminum, the electrochemical polishing process. Electrolytic cell after electrify, forming a layer on the polished metal surface passivation membrane, metal ions through the membrane diffusion and surface microscopic ( Macro) Bumps and the current density of the rough place high and burr is greater than the rest of the surface, and to faster dissolution, so as to achieve the goal of the whole peaceful and deburring.
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