Aluminum alloy airport chair will corrosion?

by:OUHE     2020-06-04
Common corrosion of aluminum alloy airport chair, aluminum chair form: 1. Pitting corrosion, pitting corrosion ( Hole corrosion) , is the production of tip shape, dot, hole in the metal of a show the local corrosion morphology. Point corrosion is a unique form of anode reaction, is a kind of autocatalytic process, is due to pitting corrosion hole corrosion process conditions, if there is corrosive medium ( CL- F - Etc. ) Material, promote the reaction ( CU2 +, ZN2 +, etc. ) Enough to support both promote and corrosion to continue. 2. Uniform corrosion: aluminum in phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide solution, its oxidation film dissolve, uniform corrosion, dissolution rate is uniform, solution temperature, solution concentration, promote corrosion of aluminum. 3. Crevice corrosion, crevice corrosion is a kind of local corrosion. Metal parts in electrolytic solution, because the metal and metal, nonmetal and metal formed between aperture, paragraph it is enough to make media immersion and the media is in a state of stagnation, makes the crack phenomenon known as the crevice corrosion of the internal corrosion intensifies. 4. Intergranular corrosion: due to the grain as the cathode material, and grain boundary as the anode, usually in the case of uniform corrosion, corrosion resistance is still greater than grain area to the grain boundary, if under special circumstances, and relatively less material grain boundary corrosion resistance elements, the phenomenon of intercrystalline corrosion will happen. 5. Stress corrosion cracking, the SCC of aluminum alloy was discovered in the early 1930 s. A mechanical feature is the formation of corrosion cracks along the grain boundary can be either development, also can be extended through the crystal rotten. Due to the expansion of crack is inside the metal, can make the metal structure intensity is greatly reduced, happens suddenly serious destruction.
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