Aluminum alloy airport chair zinc immersion method on how to improve

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
Aluminum alloy airport chair to prevent zinc leaching process of special measures of corrosion problems are: ( 1) The introduction of heavy metal, make the multiple alloying zinc leaching solution, change the electrode potential, improve the corrosion resistance. ( 2) Thick liquid immersion zinc for the first time, back again after hot-dip zinc iron nickel alloy layer, leaching zinc layer into iron nickel alloy, dip coating of fe, ni valence is zero, that iron and nickel metal form exists in the coating, the coating level off is smooth, excellent adhesion. ( 3) First thick liquid immersion zinc, zinc back after the second rare zinc immersion, after using asymmetric ac square wave in the plating (nickel iron plating technology. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicated that leaching of zinc layer completely replaced by nickel alloy layer, guarantee the adhesion strength of coating already so, also eliminates the hidden trouble of the zinc layer by transverse corrosion.
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