Aluminum alloy electroplating simple introduction

by:OUHE     2020-06-02
Aluminum alloy airport chair, waiting chair can use aluminum plating method, can say to use aluminum alloy production enterprise may use the electroplating. Following a brief introduction of the functional sex of the aluminum alloy plating coating: 1. Progress and the compatibility of journal and the embedding of the sliding bearing cover coating, lead - Tin, lead - Copper - Tin, lead - Indium and other composite coating; 2. Used in abrasion resistant, hard chromium plating on high speed diesel engine piston ring, the coating can also be used in plastic mold, have the characteristics of non-stick mold and long service life; 3. In a large copper plating of herringbone gear sliding surface, can prevent sliding surface roughening early; 4. Used to prevent the steel substrate by atmospheric corrosion of zinc; 5. To prevent the nitriding copper tin plating; 6. Brazing and to prevent galvanic corrosion between steel and aluminum tin - Zinc plating. After electrify, the metal ions in solution, in under the action of potential difference, move to the coating is formed on the cathode. With similar tin/nickel plating, chrome plating layer or coating used in repairing and manufacturing engineering, such as chrome, silver, copper, the thickness of them are big, hard chromium layer can reach 300 microns thick. Electroplating: the purpose of the metal coating on substrate plating, change the base material surface properties or size. Can enhance the erosion resistance of metal plating ( With corrosion resistance of metal plating metal) Progress, increase hardness, prevent abrasion, electrical conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance and surface appearance.
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