Aluminum alloy seating have what qualities?

by:OUHE     2020-05-20
Aluminum alloy seating has widely used in public places such as airports, hospitals, schools, gymnasium, library, cultural center, city square, and so on, so widely used aluminum alloy seating anything special on the material structure? Aluminium alloy is aluminum alloy general as the main materials, the main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant, easy to machining, high strength, small density, etc. Aluminium alloy with corrosion resistance, it is can't do a lot of metal, because of the aluminum alloy surface has been a hard layer of membrane, the membrane covering the surface of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and the oxygen isolation, as the extension of time, the thickening of the membrane will also continuously, if the membrane is damaged also to grow a protective film, make its aluminium alloy seating with good corrosion resistance. Of course still need to cooperate to make aluminum alloy surface treatment in the late getting more resistant to corrosion. Many people don't think the aluminum oxide, in fact, there is no absolute in the world is not metal oxide, just conditions and different levels, if aluminum alloy surface protective film is destroyed, will also oxidation, so you need to surface processing. Aluminum alloy seating although has good oxidation resistance, but in order to better reflect the quality of seating, strengthen the use and visual effect, aluminum alloy will also do all kinds of surface treatment, mainly include the polishing, wire drawing, plating, sand blasting, etc. To further improve the aluminum alloy decorative and protective.
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