Aluminum alloy seating of the steel plate in the process of extrusion faults have?

by:OUHE     2020-06-04
Aluminum alloy seating or metal seating using steel plate in the extrusion process can have several common faults: 1, products organization uneven performance. Due to the extrusion of metal flow nonuniformity ( No lubrication is particularly acute when forward extrusion) , make the products surface and center, the head and tail organization performance uneven phenomenon, especially 6 how a02, 2 a50, 2 a10, 2 a12 alloy extrusion products, such as the formation of coarse grain ring after heat treatment. 2, extrusion die working conditions, working mould wear big ( According to the statistics in one power plant, account for more than 15% of the total cost) 。 3, the production efficiency is relatively low, the conventional multiple squeezing method cannot realize the continuous production. 4, compared with the other forming method, geometric waste loss is bigger. ( Cutting head and tail, a scrap) Geometric waste could reach 10% by weight of the ingot casting & ndash; 20%.
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