Aluminum alloy seating plate by extrusion forming what are the advantages?

by:OUHE     2020-05-20
Aluminum alloy seating plate extrusion forming the basic advantages: 1, improve the deformation ability of metal. Metal in the compressive deformation area and strong three compressive stress state, can give full play to its plasticity, large deformation. 2, products high comprehensive quality. Extrusion deformation can improve the organization of metal materials, performance, especially with the aluminum alloy extrusion effect, can obtain higher longitudinal ( Extrusion direction) Mechanical properties. 3, wide range of products. Not only can produce simple shape pipe, bar, strip products, also can produce solid and hollow profile cross section shape is very complex, and the phase section and the gradual change section profiles. 4, production flexibility. On the same machine can produce many kinds of products through the exchange Labour mould. Simple operation, high efficiency, suitable for many varieties, many size, small batch production. 5, process is relatively simple.
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