Aluminum alloy seating with stainless steel seating which good?

by:OUHE     2020-06-04
On the market, people often compare aluminum alloy seating and stainless steel seating, why? Because they look similar, always let a person cannot distinguish which is the aluminum alloy for seating, which is the stainless steel seating. The aluminum alloy seating and stainless steel seating, which one is better? In fact, the aluminum alloy seating with stainless steel runs through each have each advantages, first of all, we must first know the properties of the aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy, is a combination of aluminum and other types of metal. Because of the pure aluminum material hardness strength is very weak, it is easy to deformation, can't meet the needs of public seating. In order to enhance the strength of pure aluminium material, we will be on the basis of the metal aluminum material, and then into a variety of other non-ferrous metal in it, thus produced aluminum alloy this material. We can according to the production and processing of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting molding after directly polishing, electrostatic powder spraying process, thus making aluminum alloy seating, and can withstand the test of the wind, rain and sunshine, solid and durable is not easy to deformation. Is a kind of stainless steel material, is close to the mirror brightness, cold tactility hale and hearty, belong to compare halfback adornment material, has excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility and series features such as strong toughness used in heavy industry, light industry, supplies industry and building decoration and other industries. We can also according to the production of stainless steel processing, stamping, welding, grinding and polishing, degreasing derusting processing after the electrostatic powder spraying, injection processing again. The forming of stainless steel runs through environmental protection, is not easy to wear, durable not rust. Aluminium alloy is durable, but sealed stainless steel; Stainless steel is not very durable, but is beautiful; Heavier lighter aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on, in fact, the two didn't say which one is better, buy before getting, you can according to own actual situation and budget, the actual comparison between the two, absorbing Suggestions or consulting professionals, is the right approach.
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