Aluminum magnesium airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-05-19
Aluminum magnesium airport chair is a kind of magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy mold through the design and production. Common on the market of magnesium alloy airport chair, chair, armrest design, stand feet: use aluminum magnesium alloy die-casting molding integrated, spraying treatment on the surface. Aluminium magnesium alloy airport chair advantages: 1. The cooling performance is good, not easy to rust, if is the airport is very easy to rust. 2. Than iron airport chair, magnesium aluminum alloy airport chair have good rigidity, strong compressive performance. 3. Magnesium alloy airport chair bearing capacity is strong, wear-resisting durable, some inferior plastic chair is easy to aging, damage of loss. Aluminum and magnesium alloys: the main element is aluminum, and then adding a small amount of magnesium and other metal material to enhance its hardness. Add magnesium as the main elements of the aluminum alloy, due to its good resistance to corrosion, also known as antirust aluminium alloy. Because itself is metal, especially the performance of thermal conductivity and strength.
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