Any suppliers selling waiting room chair at ex-works price?
Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd offers several types of pricing, including EXW. If you choose the ex-factory price, you must arrange for all shipments from our warehouse to the final destination. And you would be responsible for all export processes. No matter which period you choose, we will provide you with the most profit.

OUHE is a model for Chinese chinese style chair manufacturers seeking to become well-known multinational brands. OUHE's main products include BAR CHAIR series. During the production of OUHE chinese style sofa, it is manufactured under a reliable and safe environment. The treatment of glass is monitored closely to prevent any potential risks. It has been exported to Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, etc. leisure sofa can be easily adjustable to custom-made products. It can be designed to be heavy-duty for surviving the rigorous beating.

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