Appreciate design | health SCI - British movement MX gloucester room furniture design

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
The SCI - MX gloucester movement health care products company of furniture design appreciation

sports health care products company furniture

address: British

area: 1550 m2

time: 2019

requirements: healthy, open and flexible cooperation, team spirit, industrial wind

the UK gloucester focus of sports and health products research and development, the company pays attention to employees' health and the interactive cooperation, focus on team building, through the communication research, to explore the whole scheme from every detail, to build can fully displaying corporate culture and the feelings of the environment, on the function and design, achieve highly match, meet the demand of the company and the employee's needs.

the UK sports health care products company room furniture

environment whole decoration meet enterprise expectations, industrial atmosphere is very thick, with decorative figure collocation of sports, fitness, well reflects the corporate culture. Using simple and flexible desk and chair, have communication, interaction and cooperation of flexible working environment. Black and white classical collocation, in this space, appear the atmosphere tasteful, not collision with the indoor decoration, at the same time, through the creative design modelling, the increase of whole space language.

creative furniture

space overall concrete build rich industrial style, let a space have qualitative feeling more style, more feeling, together with proper use dark tonal harmonic, the industry with the movement of the wild wind, also with filar silk straightforward, with its unique charm.

rectangular tables

some area is with bright color ornament, let a space appear more bright and lively, can more broad view clear, will not appear because of the style of oppression, and can through reasonable color apply, inspired employees, improve the enthusiasm of staff.
flexible furniture pieces to match, use advantages and features of furniture, let each area all have the effect of collaborative communication, a large number of interactive cooperation space, can let employees free to choose communication negotiation venues, according to be fond of choose where and how, more is to encourage cooperation between team, through the flexibility of furniture, promote communication between the team, share the encouragement.

the meeting room tables and chairs

the meeting tables and chairs here is not only used in the conference room, and applied to the water cooler. Flexibility and humanization of this layout is very clear, can satisfy the department, team for site selection to the nature of the meeting, at the same time not to delay the meeting because of the meeting room has been used. Not only can improve the efficiency of the meeting, also can better shape clever collaboration ability of space.
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