Awaken city deep memory Beijing great river lane community optimal joint room furniture factory custom appreciation

by:OUHE     2021-01-23
Awaken city deep memory Beijing great river lane community optimal guest joint room furniture factory custom appreciate

China Beijing construction area: 4031 m2
requirements: joint, Chinese, history, urban renewal, urban living room, fully, graphic design,

the Nordic combination wind leisure sofa

best guest workshop is operator, China united space to space as a platform, to build a Shared space as the goal, to provide whole industry chain service innovation enterprises, business networking platform construction based on the joint community. The joint space in Beijing a total area of 381 ㎡, every corner in the space pattern can feel clear share the brand culture, new mode for modern enterprise are injected fresh vitality, to a new journey of exploration.

public rest area cloth art sofa

& middot; Public lounge sofa
open free public rest area is people tired after emptying his good place. Pure and fresh and the color of sunlight, with simple and easy design, the sofa here can bring a person more relaxing rest environment. Here, even belonging to different people but can be by such pleasure atmosphere of meeting, to discuss different topics.

leisure chairs

& middot; Tables and chairs
the layout of the area open more permeability, continuity and collaborative, broke the traditional space is depressing oppression, to enter the space can set you free and unfettered atmosphere. People gathered here, communication, thinking collisions, the space also has the vigor.

tables and chairs


& middot; Conference room tables and chairs
the meeting room classic black and white color makes whole space better daylighting sex, white gives priority to tone of meeting space, is open and bright, in the user to reduce congestion pent-up feelings, bring more relaxed and pleasant meeting experience.

the meeting tables and chairs

in addition to the general function space in the space, also provides a richer life of functional space, the clearance of busy work for a moment, or sitting or standing, or busy, or leisure, more pleasure and life atmosphere.
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