Basic knowledge about the airport chair steel class

by:OUHE     2020-05-28
Basic knowledge about the airport chair steel class: steel types: is a kind of generous ratio and large surface area of flat steel, divided into - according to the thickness - - - - - - - - - - - - Steel sheet (> 0. 2 (4) , medium plate (> 4 < 25) , thick steel plate (> 25 < 60) Steel sheet - - - - - - - - - - - - - Refers to the thickness (> 0. 2 (4) The steel plate, steel sheet according to the material used by different can be divided into ordinary steel sheet and high quality steel sheet. Ordinary steel sheet is short for ordinary carbon structural steel plate, is ordinary carbon structural steel processed by hot and cold rolling. According to the points - processing method - - - - - - - - - - - - Hot rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel sheet ( 一) Hot rolling thin steel sheet, hot-rolled thin steel sheet can be divided by its USES different common sheet steel, pickling sheet steel, roof plate, oil drum plate, plate, shipbuilding and automotive steel sheet, etc. Hot rolling thin steel sheet, commonly known as black sheet for steel plate surface is named cloud blue dark look. Mainly used in the manufacture of surface requirement is not high, do not need to deep processing of products ( The outer garment, such as: machinery, switch box, filing cabinets, etc. ) , also used for welded pipe and cold bend section steel sheet ( Mechanical properties, grades and chemical composition must conform to the GB700 - The provisions of the 88 carbon structural steel chemical composition and GB700 - 79 ( Ordinary carbon structural steel technical conditions) The provisions of the) 。 Acid pickling sheet steel, sheet steel is made from low carbon of ordinary steel plate after annealing and pickling, because after annealing and pickling process, get rid of the surface oxide layer, the surface is bright white, also have certain progress stamping performance, this kind of steel plate is suitable for the manufacture and with good surface quality requirement to stamping but not the product with high strength requirement. ( B) Cold rolling thin steel sheet, cold rolled thin steel sheet is short for plain carbon structure cold rolled sheet, commonly known as the cold plate, also known as manufacture. Hot-rolled steel belt is made of plain carbon structure, after further made less than 4 mm thickness steel plate, cold rolled due to cold rolling at room temperature, do not produce iron oxide, therefore, the surface of cold plate is of good quality and size precision is high, coupled with annealing treatment, the mechanical performance and the performance is better than that of the hot rolled steel sheet. Applicable grades: Q195 Q215 Q235 Q2751; Q - - - - - - - Ordinary carbon structural steel yield point ( Limit) Code, it is & other; Tracy & throughout; The first case of Chinese phonetic alphabet. 2; 195, 215, 235, 275 - - - - - - - Respectively represent the yield point ( Limit) Value, the unit for Mpa Mpa ( N /平方毫米) 。 Due to the intensity of Q235, plasticity, toughness and weldability comprehensive mechanical properties, such as the highest in the ordinary carbon structural steel, can better meet the requirements of general use, so it should be very wide, Should be mainly in automotive, home appliances, building materials) 。
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