Bench seating defects should be how to deal with?

by:OUHE     2020-06-01
Bench seating common will be used in the classroom, training room, common defects such as: 1. The bond strength of plywood, bubbling, and local plastic, plywood warp, open, transparent plastic, core board and stack out of this situation. 2. Low intensity is mainly composed of plastic quality is very poor, of course, the pressure and low pressure plastic hot-pressing process conditions don't time is too short, the defects, may also occur. 3. Bubbling and local open, because of lack of time blood pressure too fast, plastic pressure, veneer moisture content is too high, there are gaps or glue, sticky dirt or pine veneer veneer on inclusions of high temperature and other reasons. For such a situation, as long as know the specific reason, targeted analysis of products, will be able to bring the unqualified products, choose a good seat lecture presided over use. Plywood warp caused by the internal stress of plywood bigger reason not consistent moisture content, surface plate unreasonable veneer, veneer has different tree species and individual hot plate temperature is not enough, plate stacked reason of inequality. Corner to open the defect cause voids wear and pressure is low. Because of glue adhesive solution lack of balance, the core plate stack and largely man-made factors. In order to be used for a long time, in the face of the lecture chair selection process, need to know about common pitfalls, make predictable choose and buy, in order to maximize the use of resources. Lecture row chair structure, use the plywood as the most commonly used material and material composition. So, want to choose a good chair and will have to understand the common defects of plywood.
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