By xi 'an subway use 'problem cable' runs through the thinking of the project

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
By subway in xian to use & other; Problem of cable & throughout; Cause runs through the thinking of the project is on March 23, 2017, the media reports of xi 'an metro line 3 use unqualified cable. On March 20th, xian xian city government held a press conference to announce the subway line 3 by using 5 kinds of specifications by the shaanxi okay cable co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Shaanxi okay & throughout; ) The production of cable sampling inspection results are not qualified. Conference of xi 'an municipal committee, deputy mayor higgins mj apologize on behalf of the municipal government bowed to the people in the city, and said to bear the responsibility. Through the news reports: SMW reporter in bidding website inquiries to the shaanxi okay the bidding information, in addition to have been exposure of xi 'an metro line 3, the shaanxi kay had the winning part of chengdu metro cable project. Prove that the project was conducted by means of bid invitation and construction. But in contrast, many government project is carried out by means of bid invitation, seating industry, for example, how do we supervision the quality problem of the seat? In 2017 the national two sessions on March 3rd, two sessions on specifications of the bidding law of the People's Republic of China, cancellation, products bidding using & other; After the review of the lowest bid price method & throughout; , and puts forward the Suggestions. Tender and bid as an important way to trade, has been widely used in our country, at the same time of have a positive effect, there are still some problems to be solved in tendering and bidding, especially the lowest bid 'method of misuse and abuse, seriously disrupt the market, fair competition, prevent and reduce the quality of our products and eventually lead to a good exit and LieZhe hanky panky situation, violation of national power quality, brand and rejuvenating the country and & quot; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & quot; Proposed by the planning & quot; Quality & quot; And & quot; Supply side reform & quot; Purpose and desire. Lowest bid 'method of error, lead to a vicious price competition, the bidder has prompted some to the winning bidders, at below cost price, after the bid is take to cut corners, high claims, such as way to compensate for their losses, or even to increase cost, delay completion of threat to the tenderer, in order to gain additional profit, these practices to the fulfillment of product quality, engineering, quality, service quality, safe production, and the timeline will brings huge hidden trouble, at the same time, it will cause a lot of economic contradictions, in the payment of wages in arrears contract disputes occur repeatedly, such as price will affect the social stability. Such as many descriptive text. High quality seating manufacturer is how to choose: a, seating manufacturer's certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001 standard certification, airport chair inspection report ( By the guangdong product quality supervision and inspection institute) Product quality supervision and inspection center, national furniture inspection reports, etc. Second, the powerful seating manufacturer from raw materials - the choose and buy Design - design Mould research and development - Welding, polishing, electroplating - Packaging - Logistics - After-sales service is the whole package. Three, machinery hardware, should choose advanced mechanical arm, punching machine, packaging machine, etc. The engineering case of four, have power. Five, the quality of service. Source: netease news: http://news. 163. com/17/0323/05/CG6KSRRB00018AOP。 HTML ', 'sohu from media: http://mt. 搜狐。 com/20170312/n483090203。 shtml》
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