Case - station waiting chair Chang jiangxi high-speed fjard station

by:OUHE     2020-06-08
The inside of the station area is closely related to our waiting chair, in large passenger station, if at the time of waiting for sit comfortable and superior conditions of the station, especially in some big international station, large airports, want to give the feeling of foreigners to shine at the moment, the choice of seat is more important. Chang jiangxi high-speed fjard station is designed fjard changji gan station and the beijing-kowloon railway station and station construction, fjard high-speed within around & other; Black technology & throughout; , levels of carbon monoxide in the bathroom, and gas content, temperature, humidity monitoring be clear at a glance. According to the different time, different traffic adjust central air conditioning and lighting system highlights its energy conservation and environmental protection. Waiting area to the ticket office just a security check, you can buy tickets station, reflects the service is convenient. Barrier-free sales window, platform hand escalator, handicap, maternal and child room, toilet water straight drinking water and other service facilities, reflect the humanistic care of fjard station. And the waiting chair chooses is Macao ShuJian SJ9088A style, this is an aluminum alloy + leather cushion seat, appearance rigid line feeling, add leather cushion looks warm and comfortable.
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