Chair is how to carry on the processing of aluminum alloy waiting?

by:OUHE     2020-06-02
Industrial aluminum processing characteristics of aluminum alloy waiting chair use common is divided into: a, the forming of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy processing forming method is divided into: common extrusion method, rolling method. Extrusion: is a kind of a more common way of forming industrial aluminium profile, aluminum mold are manufactured according to the aluminum section, by using extrusion machine heated to a critical point of the circle casting rod extrusion forming of the mould. In the process of extrusion and an air cooling quenching process and its after artificial aging treatment, to complete the heat treatment for aluminum reinforcement, different ways of aluminum alloy heat treatment is not the same. Rolling method: it is on the premise of mass, and the size and surface quality requirement is not high, in the small bar and cross section shape simple profile, will only be used to this kind of method. 2. Aluminum alloy surface treatment technology: industrial aluminum surface processing method for common surface anodic oxidation treatment, there is also a part of the need to spray, electrophoresis, etc. Surface anodic oxidation treatment is the use of electrolytic principle, make industrial aluminium profile surface and the oxide film formation was thicker layer, thereby increasing the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy materials. Later, also need to industrial aluminum sealing hole processing.
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