Characteristic of the chair, seating escort escort

by:OUHE     2020-05-19
Chair, seating of the escort escort five characteristics: 1, high temperature resistant, paint, not easy to wear, deformation, cracking; 2, color, texture evenly distributed, without off color, beautiful appearance; 3, good moistureproof function, in the wet local furniture will not deformation; 4, flexibility is strong, can change into various styles; 5, high utilization rate of capital, skills to function well, facilitate bulk processing, the cost is low. Tibetan accompanying chair, runs through the primary data: escort has plywood, joinery board, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. But Tibetan chairs, metal hardware, is generally selected seating escort escort itself or sex and be very ambition or sex of furniture. The furniture of all structure, each connection, including horizontal, straight line connection point between the necessary or, cannot have crack, not loose.
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