In the increasingly popular atmosphere of Chinese style, new Chinese furniture appears.The new Chinese style is based on the Chinese traditional classical culture. It creates a very romantic living space, which is the difference between the new Chinese style and other styles.

In terms of furniture design, the new Chinese style sofa inherits the mature idea of our ancestors and quotes a large number of distinctive corners to make your aesthetic vision fresh in the pursuit. When you place the new Chinese style furniture, the air field in the room is flexible, as vibrant as the sun.

In terms of modeling, the new Chinese style sofa has broken through the rudiment of Chinese traditional sofa in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and has also introduced modern drying technology and shrinkage. Modern Chinese style furniture, which is mainly based on the aesthetic and functional needs of the present people, has not only introduced modern production methods, but also organically combined traditional elements and modern elements.

In terms of practicability, the new Chinese style sofa pays more attention to practicability. For example, in the old sofa style, its lines are too horizontal and vertical, which is difficult to fit the waist back curve of human body. But the new Chinese sofa has made great reform in this respect.

The new Chinese style design pays attention to the simple and smooth lines and meticulous carving. The biggest difference between the new Chinese style sofa and the traditional Chinese style sofa is that although it has the charm of the traditional elements, it is not blindly copied. But the modeling is more concise and smooth, which not only reveals the natural flavor, but also reflects the exquisite craftsmanship

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