Choose what are the advantages of mechanical arm seating for welding?

by:OUHE     2020-06-06
Is mechanized, no matter which industry will introduce large machines to speed up the production efficiency, seating industry is mainly introduced fully automated welding manipulator: 1, the action faster, more agile response & ndash; — Due to the use of more advanced servo control system makes the robot can run in the best way to accelerate, save the working time; 2, completely independent joint robot, compared with the original robotic action range is wider; 3, safety protection function & ndash; — In mechanical crash-proof sensors, as options can also provide servo control touch sensors; 4, easy to operate, making it easy for users to use; 5, robot teach box of small, light, use very convenient. On the teach box can easily switch in Chinese with English. 6, in order to further ensure safety, Dead - on teaching box installation Man switch.
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