Choose what waiting chair of stainless steel material is the best?

by:OUHE     2020-06-06
Stainless steel waiting chair one of basic features: stainless steel waiting chair main areas: residential, commercial, public activity area, the tourist area to provide the public leisure time. It can make people have more private space for some special activities, such as rest, snacks, reading, napping, weaving, play chess, in the sunshine, look at people, chat, and so on. Stainless steel basic features waiting chair # 2: stainless steel waiting chair form usually is: benches, chairs. Also available for people to play chess and so on. Stool will think removable panel, the modelling of the manufacturers most stress level, reduced vision of confining pressure, can change the direction of the sat, when people sit together to a bench, their psychological state is different also. Width is 44 ~ 45 cm ( Hip to knee joint distance) About 38 ~ 40 cm high, seat surface, back of a chair of 35 ~ 40 cm, keep within five degrees with seat surface tilt. This is the smallest size, as a public seat should consider the needs of the users according to certain proportion amplifier. Waiting chair than other stainless steel material waiting chair of advantages: 1. Sit board: use 1. 2 mm thickness of 201 stainless steel material/manufacture, punching, polishing, surface smooth, not easy to wear, durable; 2. Blank holder: adopt stainless steel material, to ensure the micron, and ensure the quality, can bear enough weight, no deformation; 3. Stand feet: the 1. 2 mm201 stainless steel pipe bending, welding forming after polishing, elegant appearance, durable; 4. Armrest: 1. 2 mm201 stainless steel pipe bending, welding forming after polishing, elegant appearance, durable. Stainless steel waiting chair maintenance methods: clean stainless steel surface must pay attention to avoid the surface scratch, avoid to use detergents containing bleaching compositions and abrasives, steel wire ball, grinding tools etc. To get rid of washing liquid, wash and rinse with clean water after waiting chair surface.
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