Cinema chair, theater seating six methods of reducing wear and tear

by:OUHE     2020-05-26
Cinema chair, theater seating reducing wear and tear of six methods: first, using method of post manage the steel structure or high strength plastic chair, so that can withstand caused by impact, such as cutting or scratching damage. Aluminum strip edge can provide further protection to the flange on the back of the chair. Second, in order to avoid decoration chair armrest appears damaged, should choose the hardwood or plastic armrest. The strength of the three, the use of cast iron, or other materials, can withstand the pressure of normal and rude behavior. Four, it is important to pay special attention to the decoration fabric choice, durable and quality is important, of course, but also facilitate clean. Patterned fabric for repair. Patches were compared to the general plain fabric is not so obvious. Avoid using loose fabric, because they are relatively easy to fluff. Five, considering the molded plastic polyamine cheese foam seat cushion can be firmly attached on the spring, so the chair can reduce the damage as viewers peristalsis and appear, and sit on it than the general plate mat theater seating comfort. Six, is important when using a folding chair, should make the hinge was removed in a difficult position.
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