Classroom seating maintenance and the choose and buy method

by:OUHE     2020-06-29
The classroom even getting maintenance: 1. Even the classroom seating should be on the air circulation, dry place, keep away from fire, damp walls, avoid sun exposure. 2. Classroom seating the dust of their feet, MAO shan clear, avoid water scrubbing, available when you need it damp soft cloth graze, do not use alkaline solution, washing powder, soap water scrubbing, avoid influencing paint brightness or cause paint falls off. 3. Mobile classroom seating to lift off the ground, don't push hard hard pull, to avoid gross loose or damaged. 4. Steel classroom seating to avoid contact with water frequently, in order to prevent rust inside. 5. Even the classroom seating on acid, alkali corrosion is not put. 6. Should be conducted on a regular basis the classroom seating for a comprehensive maintenance, control of time in two months at a time. Even seating the choose and buy of the classroom: 1, pay attention to the welding place: even if the classroom seating is steel structure, pay attention to the welding place to smooth, no gap, more uniform, soft coating look. 2, pay attention to the thickness of the steel tube: if the classroom seating is aluminum alloy tube, the thickness of the steel tube 1. About 2 mm, without impurities as well. 3, pay attention to the strong degree: see framework overall quality, can be used both before and after the product around shake, shake, good strong description framework 4, pay attention to the quality of the cloth: buy leather can use two fingers hold a pull a pull up, feel strong, restorative good is superior quality, try to sit: try a seat, understand its comfort level, every Angle to a change, in before you buy.
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