Clean and maintain seating, airport chair of the coup

by:OUHE     2020-06-17
Seating, airport chair cleaning and maintenance is an important measure to extend its life. In our side: airport, station, hospital, etc. These public places, people coming and going every day, may the minutes is the man sitting on the seating of the position, the next minute is another person sitting in this position, contact more people and nature is not clean, all clean every hour is the best, at least twice a day to clean, or seating will catch a lot of bacteria from different individuals. Clean seating, must according to the seating material selection method. ( 1) Seating plastic parts can be chosen to use cleaning fluid ( Disinfectant) , clear water, dishcloth should carefully wipe once, and then with water, cloth, plastic part of the cleaning fluid, finally in the open air, dry it as soon as possible. ( 2) For wooden seating, should use clean fluid, with clear water and cloth thoroughly once, reoccupy clear water to flush it all as soon as possible after cleaning fluid rushs where winds make natural wind to dry it, for the quality of the coated wooden seating paint should be check regularly, if help it on the color fade, so that we can make the wood cut off from the air inside, avoid any component in the air to erosion of internal wood, prolong the life of seating. ( 3) For cotton material or sofa seating, suction machine should be used to pass through the line of regular cleaning dust on the surface of the seating, check after adsorption after getting any where there is any breakage, so will be repaired as soon as possible, it would be nice if you can help cover on a set of seating, so you can better protection on the inside of the material. Regular inspection should not be ignored. No matter what material made of seating, should be regularly check the material of it.
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