Cloth art sofa auditorium seating should be how to maintain?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
A, auditorium seating sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, the sofa of European and American professional manufacturer produces special fabrics are of good quality, color, high color fastness, fabric without skew, especially some high-grade fabrics in order to improve the anti-fouling ability, also has carried on the special surface treatment. Imports of high-grade fabrics also antistatic, flame retardant, and other functions. Second, due to internal filler sofa, so whether the cloth clingy, flat, it is very important to a crisp, two armrest and seat, back attaches more carefully check whether gathers. Three, if it is a flower pattern or grid fabric, so whether the flower shape matching, want to see the joining together squares have tilted or distortion. Do manual work is good or bad is a quality assurance and quality assurance, the structure of sofa plays a decisive role. Four, sofa mainly is the frame structure, the structure of the solid Angle and design the reasonable will directly affect the quality and function of sofa, so choose cloth art sofa should be the first to see whether the whole structure is firm, whether there is loose, whether accord with human body engineering in the design, when the choose and buy can feel whether it is smooth, sitting on the couch Angle is reasonable, whether with comfort. Five, the elastic material affects the quality of the sofa is comfortable and service life. Therefore, elastic material that strong pressure resistance, good elasticity, high density, except try sit feeling when people choose and buy, can be introduced for the related instructions to the enterprise, in order to ensure product quality.
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