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by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Maintain the general procedure of 1 a, furniture, first with clean soft cloth to dust, then spraying a layer of spray wax, then a cloth to wipe clean can. 2, glass handle the maintenance of the metal, use dry soft cloth scrub. If there is oily be soiled, clean with special cleaning fluid. 3, trough, holes etc, with a feather duster or dust with small cotton sticks. Around furniture interior and opposite, punctual in cleaning the surface plates, dust proof, avoid moth. Second, the solid wood class 1, often with a soft cloth along the wood grain, dust removal for furniture, before going to the dust, should be in with soft cloth ( Be) , do not wipe with dry cloth, avoid chafed. 2, prevent sun point-blank, avoid exterior paint film oxidation, furniture yellowing, color difference. Solid wood furniture in relatively drab environment when using, need to artificial humidification way, such as: punctuality with a soft cloth touch water twist dry scrubbing furniture. 3, pay attention to the paint film protection, watch the hard knock against and knives score, the more unfavorable copy written on the surface of the table. Avoid to let furniture appearance comes into contact with the corrosive liquid, such as: alcohol, nail polish, gasoline, acid, alkali, etc. 4, cupboard door, and the place such as drawer should be light, light, cutting conflict vibration of furniture, hardware fittings should often go smooth. Three, leather class 1, to ensure that the ventilation inside the bedroom, too drab or humid air will accelerate the ageing of leather. 2, leather sofa, do not put in direct sunlight to local, also do not put in air conditioning blows directly to the local, it can make the leather face hardens. Direct sunlight can make the leather face coloured fades. 3, should often struck after sending sedentary sedentary area and edge, restorable, cut by recoil is converged on concave phenomenon. 4, wipe the sofa, don't use energetically rub is brushed, avoid damage skin, more can't use alkaline cleaning fluid, organic solvent gasoline, can make the leather softness, long-term use of chap. 5, scrubbing the sofa need fine soft cotton flannel, if there is a stain should be sensitive to dry, if you have any special maintenance agent and mildew stains need sofa maintain article, in order to avoid fade leather rough variant. 1, led office business floor room to affinity. A stern situation is not conducive to lead with his men of the same; More conducive to subordinate to leadership put forward various Suggestions. Led by power giants are structure was given, unnecessarily again far exaggerated; Leadership are human, also need the same with others. And in leadership and guest operating negotiation time, severe disorder of rich affinity conditions against a disorder is effective to reach an agreement on both sides. Suppose to show leadership of formal, conference room is really a good place. 2, the conference room to the steady, conference room to exaggerate the performance; Don't have to focus on places, all kinds of productive structure to one pace reachs the designated position. 3, staff area to cover for privacy. The worker do something is abnormal but privately, watch for leadership, not containment. In this information society, the method of the worker to obtain information are diverse, and give employees a little privacy space, is conducive to the catch the mood and avoid unnecessary grave and insecurity. And adhere to the excellent state of mind is the progress of office business building efficiency condition. 4, the area and office business building area to escape. Every company have operating parts, each part of office business building the beat is different, some need quiet, some necessary enthusiasm. Mass region is everyone, office, business building area is each part of the tube even out, don't cross influence, to stick to a lively and quiet atmosphere. 5, even if the distribution of leisure places. 80 after 90 after worker as tributaries of the firm, and their outlook on life values followed during growing and once the idea is not the same, for the worker supply recreational place, the invention outstanding office business building, beneficial to let a worker in a serious office business building caught itself, to cause the worker's inventiveness. 6, synchronization with decorate plan. When it comes to so many, later in the solution of the time don't have, whether good, then you later want to change to lose, even change does not return. Is, in decorating a room office business floor time, even in the solution phase, should let office furniture manufacturers involved in early business floor. As soon as possible to listen to the idea of office furniture business building professional staff, can perhaps better plan a company's business floor of office space.
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