Cloth art waiting chair special cleaning method

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
Special cleaning method: (cloth art waiting chair A) Pump water washing equipment use: sofa brush, spray, suction machine, sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine. Using material: high bubble highly-effective cleaning agent. Operation method: 1, vacuum aspiration 2, diluted cleaner, can also be injected water tank 3, 4 full spray cleaner on the sofa, function after 10-15 minutes, the stains out of fiber 5, use alternately with sauna, high temperature cleaning machine, with at least two smoke wash a 6, at the same time of cleaning sofa, with suction machine suction net has washed sofa 7, make sofa completely dry, dry in order to speed up the sofa, can start the sofa dryers. ( 2) Dry bubble cleaning equipment, tools, with a sofa brush and stiff sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine. Using material agent: dermal sofa maintenance agent, sofa highly-effective cleaning agent. Operation method: 1, vacuum aspiration 2, partial treatment is comprehensive with special detergent on the sofa to deal with oily be soiled, dirt alone 3, dilute highly-effective cleaning agent, foam injection c box 4, with brush brush a subsequent party edge, corner sofa on the cloth and machine is less than 5, with a stiff brush, sofa of a single disc machine, with dry foam scrubbing the sofa 6, for a moment, then repeat 7, with high temperature cleaning machine was carried out on the sofa disinfection sterilization, cleaning 8, let suction machine suction dry foam sofa completely dry
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