Common distribution and arrangement of public seating

by:OUHE     2020-07-06
Four kinds of common public seat distribution and arrangement: 1. Bar chair: is suitable for the lonely, not sociable to watch the activity in front of the conversation. Faults, two people can face to face, but knees touching one another in a group of interviewers, ZhanLiZhe often blocking traffic: 2. ChanAo type seat: concave Angle suitable for two people to talk, don't produce knees touching one another. Sitting outside a little inconvenient, but it is also suitable for four people, for the small group of conversation is more suitable, because the concave Angle will not blocking traffic. 3. Round seat: is suitable for the single person not good at communication, arc seat make them sit with other people, naturally eliminated the interference of others; Especially when selecting a distance apart and sit, but also help others isolation; Access to two people talking, but to reverse. Disadvantages: uncomfortable for three people to talk. 4. Arc seat: pay attention to the use function on both sides of the seat is concave and convex arc, chime with circular seat time is suitable for the single person unwilling to communication, concave side is easy to reverse body to talk to bilateral seat can meet the needs of the various orientation, sat back as the single seat or round seat & other; Isolation & throughout; More powerful. : faults, is not conducive to people exchanges. Common airport chair, station waiting chair are in the form of a row, with three people a row, a row of four.
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