Common public seating, waiting chairs, public seating will exist three problems

by:OUHE     2020-07-06
Common public seating, waiting chairs, public seating will exist three problems: 1, the original less: furniture enterprises in choosing the way of OEM parts for production, so no control of design patent. While some have research and development ability of enterprises because of the process, cost, profit, etc, leads to new product research and development of the update slower, and relative is not very competitive within the industry is also one of the reasons. Seems to be profitable in the short term, but no independent intellectual property rights as well as the original scarce necessary for the enterprise and industry long-term sustainable development of benign disease, eventually led to the enterprise's rise space is limited, the product market competition in more labor cost and production cost of resources such as lower level above, affects the whole industry to attract talents and funds and market benefit. Differences between 2, products: now, domestic products are too similar, the difference is not big, similarity is numerous, most companies don't have their own product features and continuity, follow and imitate. But as the consumption level of ascension in the domestic market, the design of the overseas company also began to enter this kind of product in the market, and it also has a professional furniture designers and furniture design company appear and gradually increase, this inevitably leads to the competition, which will inevitably lead to the market demand for product diversity, richness, market demand is the enterprise to produce and eventually form a virtuous circle. 3, product semantics is not clear: product range segmentation is not enough, often with environment between the majority of the public product function part of the outdoor seating without detailed instructions and distinction, and different products should be used for different places have not enough knowledge. To sum up, public indoor seating situation requires us to establish new design concept, to public indoor seating design thinking, creative style and the overall environment system under the background of public seating way of research and development into account.
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