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Deep mining solid wood furniture color!

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Use of solid wood furniture need maintenance maintenance. We often tell everybody to have a good protection, avoid the ultraviolet radiation, sunlight, heating the aging faded factor to wood, but not from deeply about the root cause of the wood color for everyone. So, this article, and furniture for everyone from the root of the wood furniture, something about wood discoloration reasons, want to be able to let everybody know more fundamentally solid wood furniture in addition to fade the color phenomenon.

before we tell you often, pure solid wood because the environment temperature, humidity, sunlight, and other factors, it will result in changes of the surface color. We will wood discoloration reasons fall into two categories:
1, the chemical reaction discoloration
wood because of its moisture content and long-term exposure to chemical reaction environment humidity of the air change, this is because the lumber itself contains some ingredients to produce change, caused this discoloration phenomenon referred to as discoloration chemical reaction.
in the wood contains tannin, pigment, alkaloids, phenols and other organic matter, these organisms produce oxidative condensation reaction ( Note: condensation reaction, condensation reaction refers to two or more after the organic molecular interactions with covalent bonds combined into a larger, at the same time, loss of water or other simple inorganic or organic small molecule reaction. ) , and at the same time, the oxidation of these substances become wood discoloration.
the phenols oxidation of organic material is the main, phenols oxidation used to be colorless, and soluble in water, the condensation compound oxide generated after not soluble in water, color also changed from colorless to red, reddish brown, brown, etc. , this is also known as oxidation discoloration.

2, fungi discoloration reaction
fungi discoloration is real wood furniture in one of the more common color reaction, this color reaction is also divided into mould and blue stain.
wood mould can make the wood surface and sapwood pale, mildew to change the color range of shallow some, however, mainly because of the mold in the wood noodle reproductive growth, so the wood mould will only in basic noodle waved shallow layer near the surface.
mouldy wood can present green, white, black, less will render other colors. Will produce more mouldy reason mainly is because the true place where the furniture to be warm and humid or poor ventilation, the environment is very easy to deposit mould and reproduce cause mildew.
some people will find that it has done the anti-corrosion measures, why will be mouldy.
that's because fungal reproductive capacity is very strong, the adaptability to the environment and the patience is very powerful, can still grow after contact with toxic drugs, so will happen even did anticorrosive processing still found mouldy.
although the wood mould is on the surface, can use the tool to clear, for the influence of lumber itself is not big, but the mildew infection after lumber, is likely to increase the permeability of wood for liquid.

the above is about the interpretation of pure solid wood furniture color change reason, integrated the above, we can draw an answer, is the furniture of the influence of the environment for the furniture itself is very big, therefore, we not only need to do maintenance and subsequent maintenance when using, also need to provide furniture with a temperature and humidity and ventilation environment, appropriate use for longer periods of time in this way can make solid wood furniture.
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