Desk seating when the choose and buy, should pay attention to which a few key points?

by:OUHE     2020-06-06
Half of one's life time is spent in school, contact the school things will become more and more long. Parents are pay attention to the healthy growth of their children, want to be able to in a good environment to let the children accept education, contact with the community. Is because we know that parents have this kind of psychology, so the desk seating should not be ignored when the choose and buy, but should be from the student's health reasons and consideration. 1, safety first, when the choose and buy desk seating for your child, it is important to note that to deal with a sleek edges and corners. Fixed desk seating with rivets and not exposed, or laced with soft rubber strip, prevent children in the running of bruising. Desks seating solid but also have a certain height, in case the children at recess time chasing accidentally collided. So want to make sure its centre of gravity is strong, and there is a certain weight, make the child can not be easily raised and toppled. 2, size: the size of the desk seating with the height of the human body to cooperate with each other. Also, combined with students' age and body size, such ability can make students feel comfortable, beneficial to their healthy growth. Also should pay attention to the size of the classroom furniture height is in line with the students sitting position, therefore, to buy a desk seating, best can according to the change of height adjustment function. 3, pay attention to health: desk seating furniture of consumer goods as a school, the first requirement is non-toxic, pay attention to it when choosing whether the materials of environmental protection, so in when buying a desk seating for students, to the best of all qualified manufacturer to purchase. At present, the abundant plant material used for school furniture, wood and man-made board, plastic, etc. , these materials have different characteristics, it should be said that wood is the best material to manufacture runs through the desk. In short, when buy, safety should be first need to consider the key, followed by colour, style, function, etc. 4, easy to clean, the desk seating should also include practical easy-to-clean, some students may be more naughty, will put the desk as a canvas seating, easy to clean surface of the desk seating will save a lot of things.
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