Desks and chairs, desks runs through conventional methods

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
Desks and chairs, desks seating 7 regular permutation method: 1. The basic requirement of the arrangement of desks and chairs should be conducive to students' writing, reading and operation is convenient. 2. The forefront of the first row of the desk from the board shall not be less than 2 m. 3. The distance between the front row desks should be 90 cm. 4. The distance between each desk not less than 55 cm, if you need two rows of desks, 5 cm intervals should be maintained in the middle. 5. On both sides of the desk against the wall, should be 12 cm from the wall. 6. In the first row of seats against the wall, not easy to see the font on the far side of the blackboard. The two students had better not sit seat; If you want to sit, the line of sight with the blackboard into perspective, shall not be less than 30 degrees. 7. After the last row of desks along the distance from the board shall not be greater than 8. 1 m, shall not be greater than 8 middle school. 5 meters, in the last row of the back of the chair from the back wall shall not be less than 60 cm.
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