Different material, the public seat what is the difference?

by:OUHE     2020-05-30
Although outdoor public seat is made in accordance with human body engineering design, but because the material is different, so there are some subtle differences, let's do a brief analysis: a, steel. Steel public seat adjusters have big and small, the curve of the back arc also vary. The chairs and chair foot is made of steel, and chair can be combined with leather cushion leather upholstery, PU leather upholstery, etc. , the cost is relatively high, but compared with comfortable, long service life. Second, the aluminum. Aluminum seat is very common, because the cost is low, so the general small and medium-sized public will adopt aluminum public seating chair, through simple cleaning methods can be durable, long service life. Third, the iron. Iron public seating strong, wear-resisting, durable, is one of the common types of seats, but if the outdoor sun for a long time, the rain the wind blows, it's paint flakes easily, the cost of maintenance is high. Above is based on the material of outdoor public seat to introduce some of the common size problem, but in real life, people's quality of life has increased, public seat under the condition of the meet, constantly updating, different material, the public seat in occupying the market position. There is an opportunity, in the future to share with you again.
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