Each structure has its auditorium chairs perfect role?

by:OUHE     2020-06-13
The auditorium seats is mainly composed of four parts: the seat, back of a chair, armrest and feet. Usually, foot and armrest combined together firmly installed armrest. Composite structure is usually gangmu structure or steel model structure. 1. The auditorium chair stand: landing there are two ways: one foot landing ( Landing on one foot) And armrest landing ( Stand feet attached directly to the armrest) 。 One foot to the ground of the center of the seat and stand feet support seat is not only beautiful, but easy to connect the chair foot with other environmental facilities, such as fan, power interface, etc. Because the connecting way of single leg mechanism is complex, the cost of one leg mechanism also increases accordingly. Armrest landing mode is firm and reliable, easy to fixed installation, armrest and feet combined with simple structure. Standing is the foundation of the auditorium chair foot. Under normal circumstances, the anchor is fixed on the ground directly. 2. The auditorium chair armrest: rail structure: the auditorium chair armrest is the basic support of the seat. Metal frame: the rails framework is basically the support of the entire auditorium chair fittings. Armrest: made of wood, plastic or other materials. Writing board mechanism: meeting minutes writing board can be mounted to the auditorium chair arm mechanism. 3. The auditorium seat bag: general by fabric, cushions, inner box, rotating mechanism and outer panels. By flannel fabric, velvet, velvet, or cars, some of them are genuine leather or artificial leather, etc. Polyurethane (pu) foam cotton, rubber cushion: 40 - density 60kg/m3。 Include: according to different design, simple structure using bending wood plywood, plastic board, high-grade seat spring metal frame, plastic inner shell, etc. Plating: according to the requirements of the design, can be made of wood, plastic or other materials. Its main function is connected to the recycling mechanism for decoration. 4. The auditorium chair: generally by fabric, cushions, plate and shell. By flannel fabric, velvet, velvet, or cars, some of them are genuine leather or artificial leather. Cushions: by PU ( Pu) Foam cotton, density of 35 ~ 50 kg/m3. In addition, there are a lot of accessories to choose from, its function characteristics are as follows: 5. The auditorium chair board: tablet is the use of chairs for the meeting or lecture design in the attachment. Take notes in meetings or class, put files and books, is very convenient. Generally there are two kinds of clothes, open and hidden. 6. The auditorium chair cup, cup is divided into handrail cup and cup. Armrest crossover vehicle is mainly used for cinema and often need to use. Most of the armrest cup design for integration and armrest. When necessary, the external crossover vehicle is mainly used for meetings, classrooms and other places. External cup has two kinds: cup before and after the cup.
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