Even runs through the use of the process to see what would happen?

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
When we buy even getting back, is the need for daily maintenance, if not for a long time to maintain some condition occurs: 1, the rust? Metal exposed to the air for a long time more or less will be rust. Especially in the connection position between the accessories and parts. But the factory will have strength to the seating antirust processing. 2, corrosion? Corrosion is more serious condition, and the condition and factor of corrosion. Because most people density is big, some people turn acidic beverages or real residues on seating, m can clear in time. But there is strength of the manufacturers are corrosion resistance. 3, burst? Has experienced many years unless this seating, and no maintenance for a long time, like a lot of aluminium alloy door, aluminium alloy window will appear blowout, but this condition is rare, unless they are external force caused by human. 4, the screw loose? Screw loose because seating for a long time to use, or no fixed position, in the place where traffic density often strongly sway, external factor to cause the screw loose, but it's also a rare condition.
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