Even the seating classification

by:OUHE     2020-06-07
Even getting the classification of the common who made row seat forms can be called a & other; Even the seating & throughout; , in the life of the most common seating: airport chair, conference chair, theater chair, classroom seating, infusion seating, hospital waiting chair, park, seating, etc. One, airport chair of the common material: aluminum alloy airport chair, armrest, feet, legs, aluminum alloy material, after a large precision casting mold die-casting molding directly after polishing, electrostatic powder spraying processing. Plate: 2. 0 mm lengzha steel imports, after dealing with the rust removal with electrostatic powder spraying. At the bottom of the beams: hexagon steel pipes, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the wind, and test. Stainless steel chair, armrest, feet, side bar: stainless steel. Plate: adopt stainless steel plate, environmental protection, is not easy to wear, never rust. At the bottom of the beams: 2. 0 mm thick 40 * 80 mm steel pipe, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the wind, and the test. Common material: 2, theater chair, auditorium chair back cotton: cold high resilience PU foam sponge. Cotton: high resilience PU foam sponge + steel one molding. Outside the plate, back: made of high quality multilayer rotary cut birch skin with formaldehyde-free environmental protection rubber extrusion molding. Material: high quality linen cloth. Independent chair foot: high quality steel plate, steel pipe mold stamping welding forming, left and right side is equipped with PP gathers splendid alkene sides. Armrest lid: ju wood polishing paint. A reply packet institutions: spring damper response mechanism. Explode with screws, stainless steel hex cylinder head bolt and nut color zinc plating. Common material: three, training chair, conference chair of the chair, metal framework, the panel with multilayer rotary cutting wood fire prevention board surface pressure. Chair: multilayer rotary cutting wood mold hot pressing molding and fire prevention board, surface pressure plate and the Angle of code connected by penetrating way, board face with special stainless steel screw. Stand feet: aluminum alloy die-casting molding, spray on the surface processing. Reply: the gravity response mechanism.
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