Fold the seating is what?

by:OUHE     2020-07-04
Folding seating is mainly used for: meeting room seating, ladder classroom desks and chairs, as if some school classrooms can choose folding seating, auditorium chair, cinema chair, theater chair can be folded, such as seating can be called a folding seating. To training of chair, conference chair, the classroom chairs for example: common standard configuration instructions: back of the chair: choose metal frame, panels often use multilayer rotary cutting wood fire prevention board surface pressure. Multilayer rotary cutting wood chair: selection of quality mold hot pressing molding and surface pressure of fire prevention board, plate, Angle code chooses penetration mode connection, board face with special stainless steel screw. Stand feet: choose aluminum alloy die-casting molding, spray on the surface processing. Reply: choose gravity response mechanism. Size: 870 mm high, back of a chair to the clipboard: 565 mm, standing foot: 234 mm, tablet height: 440 mm, front and rear seat distance: 950 mm. Front seats tablet: 300 mm, the front not arrange ushering plate height: 780 mm. Theater chair, theater chair: common standard configuration instructions: application places: the concert hall, auditorium, large meeting rooms, cinemas and theatres. / back foam: high density P. U, cold solid foam molding. Back/plate: high quality PP ( Polypropylene) Multielement composite material molding. Fabric: senior special cloth, wear-resisting, prevent fading. Stand feet: high quality steel plate stamping welding forming, polished, derusting, phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, high pressure furnace working procedures. Armrest: armrest cover is made of PP material after mold injection molding, a shaft is made of high qualified steel plate stamping forming, welding arm crossover vehicle body, which can be recycled to the back of a chair around, more translating from space. Leans back institutions: new spring device, adjustable comfort & 10 deg. ~12° 。 Lateral plate: high grade PP hollow blow molding. Reply: spring or gravity. Size: 2 people: high: 1030 ~ 1080 mm, width between 2 seats: 900 mm, the distance back to armrest: 610 mm, the width of the plate: 490 mm, plate height: 450 mm, armrest height: 630 mm, back of a chair to the plate width: 700 m.
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